At the forefront of cryptocurrency and other niche market trading since 2011


NamNar Capital seeks to identify and access compelling, differentiated, uncorrelated and difficult to access trading teams, with a current focus on high-frequency, market neutral, systematic cryptocurrency and equity strategies. The fund targets consistent and stable returns with low volatility in all market environments.


NamNar Capital applies a rigorous quantitative and qualitative approach to research and risk management in order to create portfolios with optimal risk-adjusted returns. Underlying strategies include market-making, structural arbitrage,  statistical arbitrage, mean reversion, and relative value trading. The fund relies on robust risk management infrastructure that provides 24/7 real-time risk monitoring across all trading venues and strategies.


Blake Namerow and Vincent Nardone co-founded NamNar Capital in 2018.  Each bring relevant trading, research and investing experience as well as specialized relationships to the investment process including cryptocurrency and derivatives trading, trading strategy due diligence and quantitative analysis and decision making.